Jimoto ni Kaerenai Wakeari Danshi no 14 no Jijo (2021)

Jimoto ni Kaerenai Wakeari Danshi no 14 no Jijo (2021)

Other name: ジモトに帰れないワケあり男子の14の事情 , 14 Circumstances of Boys With Reasons Why They Cannot Return to Jimoto


Selected members will be selected from "Naniwa Boys", "Ae! Group", and "Lil Kansai " for boys who cannot return to their hometown Kansai due to various circumstances ! Men who went to Tokyo after their dreams, but had their own circumstances and couldn't go home even if they wanted to. This is a 14-episode omnibus drama about an "event" in Tokyo, where I have to return to my hometown of Kansai for various reasons . In this work , 5 people who won the audition of Kansai Johnny's Jr. will appear! Please also pay attention to the fresh performance of the first appearance in the serial drama!

Country: Japanese

Status: Ongoing

Released: 2021

Genre: Drama;

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